Jeremy Nite is not just a DJ, he is “The True Nite Life Experience.

His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of pinpoint transitioning and song selection. He creates that euphoria you get when you are listening to a track and thinking, “this song would sound great with…” and boom Jeremy Nite reads your mind from the booth and blasts feels all over the dance floor.

As for his sound, imagine every track as a better version of your favorite song. Through the use of effects and timing, Jeremy adds his own mood, finish, and impression as he influences every beat of every track to create the unique Nite Life sound. You need to see him live to really appreciate the full and overwhelming sensation that is the true Nite Life experience.


He is a managing partner and entertainment director of the Houston bar Belle Station ( , half of the talent collective Innerloop DJs, and creator of the weekly mix series Innerloop Radio. (  Jeremy Nite is solidifying his impact throughout Texas. Catch him at his local residencies in Houston Tx or wait for his inevitable growth to a market near you (Schedule).

© 2018 by JEREMY NITE

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